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Secure your business against present and horizon-level cyber threats

The ACT team has been working with companies just like yours for over thirty years, protecting your business from ransomware, malware, hackers, and spyware.

How Does ACT Protect Our Clients?

Staff Security Awareness Training
More than 90% of IT security breaches are a result of employees doing something…well…something stupid. Let us teach your employees how to work safely online.

Firewall Security and Traffic Management
Your firewall is the first line of defense against incoming malware and hack attacks. We’ll configure your firewall and monitor it for any anomalies that need to be red flagged and addressed.

Consolidated Server and Network Security and Performance Management
Our network security professionals work to secure your servers and optimize the performance of your network while continuing to monitor these systems for potential threats to be analyzed and neutralized.

Endpoint Security and Malware Monitoring and Management
Your internet isn’t the only avenue that malware and hackers can use to gain access to your data. Each endpoint within your network must be examined for potential security gaps. After this, endpoints must be continuously monitored.

Disaster Recovery
Unfortunately, it’s not just the bad guys that can harm your IT systems. Fire, flood, power surges, power outages, human error and local crime can limit or remove access to your local IT assets. ACT puts protocols in place that allow us to spin up your computers and servers within the cloud so you can get back to work in another location if needed.

Cloud Security Management and Access Control
Your business benefits greatly from cloud capability, but if left without security management, your cloud assets could become security and compliance liabilities. Our cloud support professionals will walk you through the protocols that must be in place to do work securely within the cloud.

Multi-Layer Email Scrubbing and Protection
Email is essential to your workflow, but it can also be the avenue that hackers use to gain access to your data and your finances. By filtering out suspicious emails, ACT helps you save employee productivity time while securing that facet of your internal processes.

Wireless Security and Privacy Management
You don’t want just anyone gaining access to your wireless network. ACT ensures that your Wi-Fi is protected and that access is only available to authorized users.

Asset Security and Decommissioning Management
IT hardware is the same as your home electronics. It has a lifespan. At the end of that lifespan, it must be disposed of in a way that is ecologically friendly and in a manner that eliminates the possibility of unscrupulous person mining data from the machine.

Risk Management and Security Assessments
There is no such thing as a perfectly safe working environment – either physical or technological. – Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Our IT consultants will help you minimize your risk through security assessments that take the whole of your IT environment and workflow into consideration. Following these regular risk assessments, we’ll make the appropriate adjustments to ensure that your risk profile isn’t unreasonable for your industry and goals.

Virtual CIO and Compliance Management
We’ll walk beside you through the complex maze of technology choices for your company. If you fall under the mandates of legislative or industry-standards compliance, we’ll help you understand and apply the protocols that must be in place for you to achieve and maintain a compliant status.


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