The Partnerships That Power Our Promise of IT Value for Your Business

To ensure that we bring cutting-edge IT solutions to your business, we cultivate and maintain personal and professional contact and relationships with leading technology firms and providers all over the world.

The breadth, depth, and diversity of our partners mean that you get the most up-to-date technological innovations for your business. But up-to-date does not mean untested.

Our 30 plus years in supporting the IT of businesses large and small has given us a wealth of experience on which to draw when it comes to evaluating and recommending IT solutions – hardware, software, and cloud assets.

We Are Proud to Work Closely with These Leading Technology Firms and Organizations.

  • microsoft


  • hp-icon

    HP Personal Systems

  • hp-icon

    HP Enterprise

  • dell-icon

    Dell Systems

  • lenovo-icon

    Lenovo Systems

  • cisco-icon


  • sonicWall-icon


  • netgear-icon-icon


  • hipaa-icon

    HIPAA SecureNow

  • dropbox-icon


  • network-icon

    Network Detective

  • auto-task-icon


  • TrendMicro-icon


  • Comptia-icon


  • AIIM-icon


  • Breach-icon

    Breach Secure Now Training

Together, we elevate your IT environment and keep our promise to deliver secure, scalable, and compliant IT solutions to your enterprise.

Are These the Only IT Solutions That the ACT Team Will Support?

Certainly not. These are simply the companies with which we have the closest relationships – based on years of using and proving their technologies to be sound.

We won’t force you to choose our vendors – or even to buy a needed piece of hardware or software from us.

What we will do is have a frank conversation with you about how to get the most dependability and value for our IT budget dollar.

Sometimes, that means choosing the cheapest solution. Other times that means paying a little extra now to avoid the pain of expensive lost productivity down the road.

Let Us ACT as Your Technology Concierge

Sometimes you don’t know what you need.

That’s why we’re here.

Sometimes you know exactly what you need, but you don’t have the time – or the patience – to deal with IT vendors.

That’s why we’re here.

We can handle all your vendor management – ensuring that you get the best deal on the most effective IT solutions for your unique business application.