Does Your Crystal Lake Company Have a Complex Workflow with High Security and Compliance Concerns?

From the first days of Crystal Lake when the Crandall and Beardsley families settled in our city, people had to make a living.

It didn’t take long before making a living meant starting a business, hiring a few people from the growing Crystal Lake area, and growing that business.

Sure, they didn’t have computers back then. But even in a primitive form, businesses have always been on the leading edge of adopting the most recent in time-saving and cost-saving technologies – even if those technologies/innovations at the time were tied to the steam engine.

Today, your Crystal Lake business leverages computers, mobile devices, and cloud assets to get more done – more quickly and more securely.

That’s where the ACT team steps into the scene. ACT is McHenry County’s oldest and most trusted computer support company with the most experienced technicians averaging over 15 years of professional experience.

Your computers and other IT assets – like your car – need regular maintenance and repairs if they are going to be dependable.

We Harness the Power of Four Complementary IT Service Categories to Give You Dependable, Pro-Growth Technology

Why Deal with a Local, Crystal Lake IT Support Team? – ACT

There’s a saying.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

When your business is secure, efficient, compliant, and growing, you hire more people here in Crystal Lake, buy more from Crystal Lake vendors, and invest back into our community.

That’s why we want to work with you.

Here’s why you should want to work with ACT.

  • We work, live, and play right here in Crystal Lake.
  • We care about your business because we care about our community.
  • We have a reputation for building win-win relationships with Crystal Lake businesses.
  • We’re close by and will show up when you need us.
  • We don’t outsource our work or our helpdesk to lower-end, offshore IT companies.