Tired of wasting billable hours waiting for your current IT guy?

There are two ways of looking at IT support for law offices. You could take the break/fix approach and hope that your computers will keep running well and that your favorite IT company will answer their phone and have a guy available to help in a timely manner.

But just one problem.

The bill.

Break/fix bills are impossible to anticipate, expensive, and don’t always fit within your budget.

The other way of approaching IT support for law firms is the Managed IT Services model.

In a Managed IT Services scenario, ACT provides just the right level of IT management, maintenance, security, and operational monitoring for your entire IT environment – including mobile and cloud assets.

Managed IT Services agreements allow you to have monitored IT security, meet compliance requirements, and optimize workflow – all within an easily-budgeted monthly payment.

Want the Best of Break/Fix and Managed IT Services Models for Your Law Office?

The ACT team has more than thirty years of experience in tailoring IT support plans to the exacting specifications of our high-level clients. Providing IT value is what we do. Each IT support element is examined for the value that it brings to your law firm. Our three levels of Managed IT Services plans offer a full spectrum of IT support to meet your IT services needs and stay within your budget.

  • Essentials Package – the basic no-frills package – basic support + hours plus materials add-ons
  • Standard Package – the plan that has most of the features ofbthe premium but doesn’t include some advanced features or after-hours support
  • Premium Package – the all-inclusive plan that gives you 24×7 coverage for one flat fee

How Can Your Law Firm Benefit from an IT Support Partnership with ACT?

  • A Secure Working Environment – Protecting your employees, your investment, and your patients
  • Exceptionally fast responses to your requests for support measured in minutes not in hours or even days like some other support providers.
  • A Paperless System – Providing efficiency and environmental responsibility
  • A Mobile Workflow – Enabling mobile access to your documents within and outside your practice
  • An Integrated IT Environment – Helping your staff avoid time-consuming, repetitive data input
  • Answers to IT Questions – Ensuring that both executive-level and daily IT questions are answered

What Other High-Level IT Service Categories Does ACT Provide to Legal Firms Throughout the Collar Counties?