What Should a Healthcare Facility in the Collar Counties Look for inan IT Support Partner?

You’ve seen it all.

You’ve watched IT support companies come and go.

You’ve just gotten used to a technician. Before you know it, he’s gone to another company, and someone new has to learn your practice’s workflow and employees all over again.

But that’s just the people side of the equation, right?

You worry what this lack of consistency is doing to the IT systems of your medical practice.

It’s time to stop worrying.

ACT has been in business for more than 30 years. We have long-term dedicated employees who deliver secure, compliant, and efficient IT environments to our healthcare clients every day.

Looking for experience?

You’ve come to the right place. Our IT professionals average over twice the years of experience than most of our competitors.

How Can You Benefit from an IT Support Partnership with ACT?

  • Highly responsive support from all levels of the ACT organization. Our response time is measured in minutes while others take hours or even days to respond to your issues.
  • A Secure Working Environment – Protecting your employees,your investment, and our patients
  • A Paperless System – Providing efficiency and environmental responsibility
  • A Mobile Workflow – Enabling mobile access to EMR/EHR within and outside your practice
  • An Integrated IT Environment – Helping your staff avoid time-consuming, repetitive data input
  • Answers to IT Questions – Ensuring that both executive-level and daily IT questions are answered

How Does ACT Ensure That You Will Successfully Endure an HHS HIPAA Compliance Audit?

  • We use industry-leading cybersecurity measures and protocols.
  • We train your staff – so they don’t become the weak link in your IT-related HIPAA compliance.
  • We survey your policies and help you update them to stay on pace with the 29 policy requirements of HIPAA.
  • We set up IT monitoring of critical infrastructure to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • We manage and maintain your IT systems as you scale to keep them in line with HIPAA guidelines.

We’ll help you with each one and ensure that your systems are up to par.

What Other High-Level IT Service Categories Does ACT Provide to Healthcare Facilities Throughout the Collar Counties?