Spend More Time Providing the Best Experience to Your Clients and Leave the IT Stuff to Us

Senior care is changing rapidly due to regulatory changes by the government coupled with increased industry competition by bigger chains and franchises.

But that’s not all, is it?

Your senior living clients increasingly demand better service and have greater expectations – especially in regard to technology.

They are not only well informed but also have a strong desire to retain control over the quality of care and services they want. It’s imperative to understand, anticipate, and deliver on the needs of both current and future generation clients.

To achieve this, you need an IT partner who understands the landscape and can:

  • Handle the privacy concerns of your clients
  • Enable the improvement of services
  • Navigate HIPAA Compliance regulations
  • Ensure infrastructure and data security

Key Benefits of Managed IT Services to Senior Living Centers

Our comprehensive IT support services ensure that you have round-the-clock monitoring of strategic IT infrastructure – anticipating and solving problems before they impact your facility.

We ensure that your IT systems remain HIPAA compliant and work with you through the twenty-nine policy requirements for basic adherence to HIPAA legislation.

Other key benefits to your senior living centers include:

  • Professional IT compliance advice and management
  • Rapid problem resolution on a 24/7 schedule
  • Proactive cybersecurity management – nipping threats in the bud
  • Predictable billing and reduction of the business overhead involved in running and managing an in-house IT department
  • Tailor-made IT solutions, integrations, and applications
  • Cost-effective IT maintenance and ongoing operational/security monitoring
  • Answers for both high-level and everyday IT questions
  • IT partners with real-world senior living IT experience

The Right IT Partner in the Collar Counties Providing IT Services for Senior Living Centers – ACT

Our IT support services seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and are tailored to keep your systems secure and meet your unique business needs. They include the following categories of IT support.

A Full Spectrum of IT Support To Meet Your IT Services Needs and Stay Within Your Budget

  • Essentials Package – the basic no-frills package – basic support + hours plus materials add-ons
  • Standard Package – the plan that has most of the features ofbthe premium but doesn’t include some advanced features or after-hours support
  • Premium Package – the all-inclusive plan that gives you 24×7 coverage for one flat fee