Best IT Support Services for Mid-size Businesses in Chicago and the Collar Counties

Take the Proactive Approach to Manage Mid-Size Business Technology

Medium-sized enterprises face various challenges that hamper growth and impact the bottom line.

One of the big challenges surrounds the cost and capabilities of their technology.

Questions To Ask Before Engaging A Chicago IT Support Company

  • Is your business fully utilizing its IT capacity to support growth? Do you have the technical ability to anticipate and support a rapidly growing business?
  • Is your IT infrastructure and data secure?
  • Could your business benefit from a highly experienced IT business partner that can help guide you through the process of growing your business?

Why ACT As Your Chicago IT Support Company?

ACT offers the reliable Chicago IT support services your organization needs to scale your business while keeping your data and IT infrastructure secure. Our team of IT consultants understands how to deal with unique IT environments and has the capacity to provide enterprise-level IT support, security, and compliance management.

Want the Best of Proactive, Budgeted IT Support?

  • Essentials Package – the basic no-frills package – basic support + hours plus materials add-ons
  • Standard Package – the plan that has most of the features ofbthe premium but doesn’t include some advanced features or after-hours support
  • Premium Package – the all-inclusive plan that gives you 24×7 coverage for one flat fee

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Small and mid-size businesses operate in a competitive environment that relies heavily on technology to scale, optimize processes, boost efficiency, and keep data secure.

It can be difficult and expensive to keep up with the rapid technology changes within an industry

Managed IT Services is an IT support model that provides a reliable and affordable alternative that’s comprehensive and tailor-made for your mid-size business. Some of the benefits to your company include:

  • A highly qualified team of IT professionals at your disposal
  • Robust and proactive compliance advice and management
  • IT answers, setup, and troubleshooting – on demand and within your budget
  • Robust cybersecurity management
  • Expert vendor management to ensure cost-effectiveness

Cutting Edge IT Support Services

Our service offerings integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and are specially designed to meet your particular business needs and support growth