ACT Network Solutions: Chicago IT Services & Support

Chicago IT Services and a High-Qualified Technical Team Offering Over 30 Years Of Experience.

Take a look at any other Chicago IT services company’s websites.

What do you see?

You may see slick pictures and flashy website animation.

They may make lots of promises and try to dazzle you with all the service options they offer.

But let’s face it.

You’re really looking for a Chicago IT support team with a proven track record of win-win relationships with other businesses within your industry.

You don’t want to know all about the tools in our toolbox. You just want your computers, mobile devices, and cloud assets to work flawlessly and securely – right?

So, we’re not going to try to amaze – or confuse you – with an unending list of services.

Within our four main IT support categories we provide complete IT support for any company’s workflow – simple to complex – no matter the size of your organization.

Friendly Service and Reliable Chicagoland IT Service Professionals

Business leaders throughout the collar counties have come to depend on the staff and services of ACT.


To put it simply, we know what we are doing.

We were taking care of IT environments for companies surrounding Chicago before some of our competitors’ technicians were born!

We’ve seen it all, and we’ve helped our clients through the challenges of growing their businesses, securing their workflows against emerging cyber threats, and adapting to a new, mobile/information economy.

30+ Years Experience As A Chicago IT Services Company

Does 30 Plus Years in IT Support Mean that We’re Stuck In Old Methods?

Certainly not! – Our experience does not force us to be stagnant in learning new technologies.

The opposite is true.

Our experience allows us to evaluate new and emerging technologies for real-world application instead of seeing new hardware and software as shiny new toys that we want to “try out” on unsuspecting clients.

We’ve seen this too many times.

We often get called in to clean up the mess left when less experienced IT technicians try to implement untested software or hardware that is inappropriate for the specific application.

Call Your Chicago IT Service Professionals

But that’s okay. We’re glad to clean up the other guy’s mess and gain new clients along the way.