What Is Your IT Support Team Doing to Help You Move Forward?

Over the past thirty years, we’ve noticed a troubling trend.

Many IT support companies make big promises about efficiency, productivity, and strategic alignment and then drop the ball in the day-to-day execution of those objectives.

Why does this happen?

Well, you already know the answer, once the sale is made, it’s easy to settle into doing the bare minimum of what is required to keep the monthly retainer cheques rolling in.

Give us a chance…just one conversation…and we’ll prove that the ACT team is different.

How are we different than our competition?

Here are just a few examples:

  • We don’t charge in hourly blocks. We bill in ¼ hour increments.
  • We don’t have a huge minimum payment for an on-site call, just our 1-hour minimum.
  • We won’t charge you for an initial assessment of your IT environment. That’s on us.
  • We won’t send a tech new to the industry to learn on the job using your network as their test base. Many times our technicians have more than twice the real-world professional IT support industry experience and the credentials to back them up.
  • We won’t throw the cheapest solution at you just because it’s cheap, and we won’t try to sell you on hardware or software just because we get a percentage of the sale. Why? Quality has value, and we know the value of using best-in-class solutions for your business and our integrity is more important to us than a sale.

You can see the difference already, can’t you?

How Does Our Thirty-Plus Years of Experience Support Innovation in Your Business?

You’ve got plans.

You want to grow your customer base and scale your business to the next plateau of success.

In order to get to where you want to go, you’ve got to have business technology that will support your vision and IT management that will keep that technology running flawlessly as you make your play for more market share.

That’s where the ACT team steps into the picture.

We’ll take the time to understand where you want to go with the next steps in your company’s development and give you the IT advice and ongoing IT management and maintenance support you need to get you there.


By keeping an eye on emerging technologies that are at play in your industry and vetting those technologies to ensure that they’ll live up to their hype before we suggest or implement them in your IT environment.

As you weigh alternatives moving forward, we’ll be right at your side providing the technical and business experience to help you achieve the best value for your investment.

What Are the Main 4 IT Support Offerings from ACT?