Looking for a Local IT Company Serving the Collar Counties that Specializes in HIPAA?

HIPAA compliance is a serious concern for you and your business associates.


Because you want to secure the privacy of your patients and clients. But there’s more to it, isn’t there?

You also want to avoid the fines and penalties associated with a finding of non-compliance during an audit from HHS.

Here’s the deal.

The ACT team isn’t here to scare you about HIPAA.


Because we’re not scared – at all.

We specialize in helping healthcare businesses and other covered entities meet the requirements laid out in HIPAA legislation.

How Does ACT Ensure That You Will Successfully Endure an HHS HIPAA Compliance Audit?

  • We use industry-leading cybersecurity measures and protocols.
  • We train your staff – so they don’t become the weak link in your IT-related HIPAA compliance.
  • We survey your policies and help you update them to stay on pace with the 29 policy requirements of HIPAA.
  • We set up IT monitoring of critical infrastructure to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • We manage and maintain your IT systems as you scale to keep them in line with HIPAA guidelines.

We’ll help you with each one and ensure that your systems are up to par.

What Other High-Level IT Service Categories Does ACT Provide to Businesses Throughout the Collar Counties?