Looking for IT Support ThatTreats You Right from the Very Beginning?

The way an IT support company here in the collar counties begins its relationship with a prospective client says a lot about the IT support company and about how they are going to treat that client (you) going forward.

You’ve been around the block a few times, right?

You know there are IT support companies out there that want hundreds of dollars just to do an initial assessment of your IT infrastructure.

That’s just the assessment.

They haven’t fixed anything yet.

ACT isn’t like those guys at all.

We’ll come and do an initial assessment of your IT infrastructure for free.


Because we want to start off the relationship on the right foot, and because we want to see how much work it’s going to be to bring your IT environment up to par if we do get hired to do ongoing IT management for you.

But for many IT support companies, the problems start long before the initial assessment.

If you can’t easily get them on the telephone.

If they don’t want to send you a list of references or their credentials.

If they’re dodgy about how much their services cost.

If it takes them days to return an email.


Here’s What to Expect from the First Call with ACT

Your telephone call or email will be answered by a technician with a minimum of fifteen years’ experience in business technology management. You will be treated with friendly professionalism and will get the feeling that we value you and your time – because we do.

Once you are comfortable with inviting our technicians to your business, we will come and do a free initial IT assessment. That assessment will generate an executive-level report detailing where your IT systems are strong and where they could use some work.

Once we have delivered that initial report, you have two choices. You can say, “Thanks” and walk away – no hard feelings – or you can engage our team on an hours plus materials basis to address the concerns outlined in the initial report.

Once all the concerns in the initial IT assessment are addressed, we will deliver a second proposal that will outline options for the ongoing management, maintenance, and security of your IT assets.

At every step along the way, you will find that we keep our clients informed and that we bring real-world value to your business.

Benefits of Working with ACT

  • Time-tested IT policies, procedures, and frameworks
  • Most experienced IT tech team in the collar counties
  • Value-driven IT recommendations and service
  • Plain-spoken IT advice
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Affordable IT troubleshooting and repairs
  • Continuous IT maintenance and management
  • Reliable IT security
  • Proven IT compliance (HIPAA) guidance

Our Services for High-Demand Business Technology Environments